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Sono Me, Kuchi hodo ni Manga

Sono Me, Kuchi hodo ni Manga


Sono Me, Kuchi hodo ni

Alternate Name: Sono Me Kuchihodo ni, Sono Me, Kuchi hodo ni, Your Eyes Speak to Me
Year of Release: 2011
Status: Completed
Author: NANAO Mio
Artist: NANAO Mio
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Comedy Romance Shoujo
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From Sound of Jewels: He is, by nature, a quiet man. But when he open his mouth, he always go right to the point. "in brief, would you marry me?" "you really are an idiot!" "I always have to interfer in your life" But why doesn't it suprised me at all? Because he always was like that so I can't imagine him differently. Because he uses his eyes instead of his mouth.

Chapter Name Date Added
Sono Me, Kuchi hodo ni 1 : Not With Your Mouth, But Your Eyes